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Technology Applications – Ethics in Internet Use |  
Home School Technology Applications Curriculum

In today’s technological era, computer and internet skills must be learned and learned early in a child’s life. These homeschool Technology Applications lessons are designed to help the child navigate through the world of technology including making good decisions on its use, how to use it efficiently and effectively, which application to use and more. There will be lessons on Internet use, computer basics and commonly used programs. Please keep checking as Homeschool Pool will be adding to this section 

  • Internet Ethics – This is a list of questions and recommended discussion topics to get you and your homeschool student to think about how the Internet should be used.  This is an in depth look at rules pertaining to internet use, copyright, plagiarism, privacy, etc. This is a good way to discuss expectations in your home for computer/internet use as well as standard acceptable use in general.
  • Internet Safety – [coming soon]
  • Copyright Discussed – [coming soon]
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